Date of Birth   : December 9, 1950

Place of Birth  : Istanbul (Türkiye)

Nationality      : Turkish


Education and Academic Career:

Secondary  School: Kadıköy Maarif College.  (1960 – 1967)

Higher Education: Istanbul Technical University,  Mining Engineering Department  (1968 – 1972)

Master in Engineering:

Columbia University, New York, USA.  (May 1973)

Ph D:

In “Coal Chemistry” at Istanbul Technical University, Mining Faculty. Istanbul,

  (September 1983) (Graduate School of Science and Technology)  

Associate Professor:

Department of Mining Engineering of Istanbul Technical University.  (Certificate in October 1983)


Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mining Engineering (May 1989)

Fields of Scientific Interest:

Coal Technology, Briquetting of Coal


Statistics, Coal Mining, Mining and Environment, Engineering Ethics, Ecology and Community

Languages : 

Turkish, English, German, Italian.


Travel, Travel Writing, Photography, Anthropology, Theatre,  Cinema


Academic Activities and Research Programs Abroad:

  • He has been working as a lecturer at the Mining Faculty of Istanbul Technical University since May 1973.

  • He went to  Germany in 1981 through a scholarship from the  German Government  (DAAD) for fourteen months to carry out researches on Coal Briquetting Technologies at Aachen Technical High School. He also consulted on 15 graduating projects, joined several seminars and conducted two technical trips in Germany.

  • In November 1982, he took part in a Coal Technology seminar in Maracaibo , Venezuela as the guest of the government, acting  both as speaker and consultant.

  • He has been to several different countries for different reasons related to research and exploration, voyages and conferences.



  • Up to now he has been to 240 different countries on 5 continents. His aspiration to travel arose in his soul at the age of  fourteen years old, in 1964.

  • He was appointed as Honorary Consul of Benin in Istanbul in 2003.

  • He has traveled 900 000 kilometers, and currently holds the Turkish  record for the most countries visited.

  • He has also prepared a Mathematics Book for high school students.

  • He has participated in  approximately 500 television program in Türkiye and many other countries he has visited. Many articles have been written about Orhan Kural in  50 countries’ newspapers.

  • He has directed and is still directing a television programs about  protecting the environment and ecology at different channels such as  KMP, Channel 9, Istanbul TV,  HBB, Ulusal,  E TV, Channel 6, Expochannel, Star TV , Kanaltürk, Bugün, Channel 34, Channel 360 and Bloomberg . He produced radio programs  for 12 years about traveling on different frequencies. He has also directed a “documentary” about Mining.  This programme was filmed in 17 different mines of Türkiye.

  • Dr. Kural has shared his experiences with his readers writing  14 Travel books released over 12 years, some of which were bestsellers in Türkiye.

  • He has arranged 55 photo exhibitions consisting of coloured photos taken during his trips in and outsideTurkey.

  • He is also the President of the Fighting Smoking and Addiction Association and he is partly responsible for new anti-smoking laws in Türkiye.

  • Early in 1998, he established “Türkiye Gezginler Kulübü” (Turkish Travelers’ Club) in Istanbul, which is the first travelers club ever in Türkiye. The club now has over 300 members among whom are famous authors, photographers, scientists, artists and various other people linked by a common “love of travel”.

  • Dr. Kural has written hundreds of articles regarding his trips. They have been published in many important magazines and newspapers.

  • The book “COAL”  is his most important written work in his primary field. It was prepared over a six year period with the contributions from 52 authors and 157 scientists from 61 countries. The leaders of 22 countries also expressed their views in the preface section of the book. The book is currently used as a reference book at the mining faculties of universities in 20 different countries.

  • Given his strong belief in a close relationship between tourism and the environment, he has participated in over 4200 conferences and presentations  in various places ranging from primary schools to universities and even police academies. He has argued that the further a country loses its environmental resources, traditions and biological richness the more it loses its tourism potential. With regard to tourism, he also emphasizes his philosophy that travel enables people to get to know each other and hence removes prejudices and cultivates long term peace.

  • He was invited by Ministers and Airline Companies of Slovenia, Malta, Saudi Arabia and Cuba to publicize their countries. He was similarly invited by Alitalia to visit Florence and Palermo and by Air Portugal to visit Lisbon in 1999, and by the “Sea Song” agency to visit the Greek Islands in 2004.



Over 970  awards have been presented to  Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural by different associations, most notably:

  • The Legion of Honour of Republic of Benin ( June 2014)

  • The Environment Award presented by Ministry of Environment, Türkiye

  • The Environment Awards of Press presented by INEPO – Türkiye

  • ·The Environment Award presented by Rectorate of Uludağ University

  • The Contribution Award presented by World Energy Council

  • ·The Environment Award presented by Rectorate of Işık University,

  • ·The Environment Award presented by Rectorate of Maltepe  University

  • ·The Environmet Award presented by INEPO – Türkiye

  • ·The most succesful man of the year of 1998 in the environmental field in Turkiye

  • ·The Environment Award presented by INEPO – Türkiye, 2004

  • ·The Environment Award,  UNICEF  Help Yourself Award, April 2010

  • The Best Lecturer of the year 2013 by the Rectorate of Istanbul Technical University.



  • Lecturer of İstanbul Aydın and İstanbul Esenyurt Universities

  • Honorary Consul of Republic of  Benin

  • The Vice Honarable Consul of Republic of Vanuatu

  • The President of Turkish Travellers’ Club

  • The President of Association of Yellow Crescent

  • Member of Vegetarian Association

  • The President of Jurie“ World Children Records”


Contact Information

Akbıyık Cad. Keresteci Hakkı Sokak No: 40, (opposite to Dede Efendi House ) Cankurtaran, Sultanahmet – Istanbul

Tel: + 90 212 285 66 88

Mobile: (90 532 252 30 87)