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Nomad Mania, similarly, divides the world into 1,281 "regions," including Russia's New Siberian Islands and Spain's Catalonia. "Nomad Mania is also the only platform that verifies advanced travelers' claims meticulously so that their  authenticity cannot be doupted," says its founder, Harry Mitsidis. "While this takes time, I believe this has elevated our reputation as the true 'quality' site of its type; we are not aiming at a high number of members, but at an active, vibrant, involved, and quality-conscious community."(Nomad Mania tests travelers' claims by choosing countries randomly, and then asking travelers to provide documentation for visits to those countries.) "We also insist on people really seeing something-just touching an airport, putting a foot across a line, or transiting by train doesn't do it," he says.

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